Serve – At Bellwether we want people to see a big God, love the other person, and go to the world. We can do this by serving.  We are called to grow & worship in the church.  We are also called to serve – one another, our neighbors, and the world.

Serve One Another

We have a number of ways you can serve one another within the church. From preparing coffee or helping direct traffic in the parking lot to serving in our children’s ministry or on our worship team, we would like to see you find a place to serve that aligns with the gifts God has given you.

Serve Our Neighbors

Love Your Neighbor Campaign – This is our church’s local mission theme.  We are called to Love Your Neighbor.  So we need to love our neighbors.  Those directly beside us.  Those close to us.  Those across Jackson, MS.  It’s not as easy as one would think.  So we are intentional to love our neighbors.

Serve Our World

Vision:  Why do we “Go to the World?”  Jesus tells us to go to all nations (Matthew 28: 19) and we will be His witness to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).  We take what Jesus calls us to do seriously.  Thus, we go.  Bellwether Church is actively pursuing supporting and planting churches on every continent.  We have already started.  We will keep going to raise leaders and plant churches across the earth.