Serve Our World

Serve Our World

Mustard Seed Faith Foundation, India

This school in Hyderabad, India is for children 4-15 off the streets.  Bellwether members helped found this school for slum children in Hyderabad.  Right now, there are over 100 students being served.  We continue to help grow this school as it seeks more property to serve more children.

Italy Collective

Church planters through Serenissima Bible church in Pordenone, Italy.  Bellwether supports church planters through the Acts 29 network in Italy called Impasto.  In this northeastern region of Italy, there is only one church for every 65,000 people.  This is an extremely un-churched area of Europe.

JKPS Church Planters, India

Bellwether supports the full livelihood of these 4 church planters and their families.  They serve and minister in churches in rural India outside Kolkota where there are little to no Christians.

RAK Evangelical church in United Arab Emirates

This is a church plant started by two Mississippians who moved their family to UAE to start this church.  Bellwether supports them in their efforts to reach primarily Muslim community for Jesus.

Mahima India

Aftercare shelter for girls rescued from trafficking in Kolkata, India.  Bellwether supports these shelters where girls live for indefinite periods of time to recover after being rescued from the sex trafficking industry around Kolkata.

Honduras Salt & Light Ministry

Construction, Leadership Development, Evangelism/Discipleship, VBS, Medical mission, Education.   We have gone to Honduras many times over the past 8 years.  This is a great family mission trip.  One is able to serve in many ways – from building houses, to taking food bags to the poorest of the poor, to worshipping in churches, and praying with families.  This is a great mission trip to start with if you’ve never been on one before.