Serve Our Neighbors

Serve Our Neighbors

Mission Mississippi

Mississippi has the stigma of racism.  Even though it’s everywhere, many believe Mississippi is ground zero for racial divides.  And Sunday is, still, the most segregated day of the week.  Mission MS is a ministry devoted to reconciliation in the Body of Christ along racial and denominational lines.  We support and will help grow this ministry in our city and across the state.  

Spann Elementary

This is the closest school to our church’s property.  Like many public schools, they have great needs.  We are called, in loving our neighbor, to do all we can to meet those needs.  So we go.  We serve.  We give.  We will mentor kids who need influencers and encouragers in their lives.

His Heart Ministries

HIS Heart is an inner-city ministry to the children, youth, and families of the West Park neighborhoods of south Jackson.  There is short term opportunities like tutoring and Bible club or long term commitments such as being an “alternative” family for a His Heart child.  This ministry has a proven track record with children who have succeeded beyond what was dreamed possible with investments through love, faith, hope, and friendship.