November 2017 Baptism Testimonies


nov 2017 baptism

November 2017 Baptism Testimonies

Wendi O’Neill -

I’ve accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my heart. I just want to make it official and leave the old me behind and walk with God daily. I never really felt close to Jesus until my grandfather died. I wasn’t raised in a church and was never comfortable talking about my faith but now I’m ready to start my walk with God and ask forgiveness of my sins. I want to be closer to God through my relationship with Jesus. This is how I feel. I know it’s not fancy but it’s what I feel in my heart. I’ve always felt like something was missing in my life and in my marriage until recently. I want to live for him and stop trying to do life alone.

Jayne Riley Hye-mi Edwards -

I want to be baptized because I asked Jesus into my heart and now I am happy that I can get baptized.

Hudson Edwards -

The reason I want to get baptized is I can show publicly that I have accepted the Lord to come into my heart and remove all my sins and to clean up all the messes I have made.

Hilary Craddock, Mother of Cora Craddock -

Cora will tell you that she has always believed in Jesus.  She has grown up in a home and gone to a school that has taught her about a God who loves her and sent His son to die for her sins.  Recently Cora expressed a desire to get baptized. When asked why, she said, to show “that all my sins can be washed away.”  Cora is only 8 years old, but God is working in her life. She wants to be baptized to show others about her relationship with Jesus.

Bailey Berry -

My faith was starting to get challenged when I went to church camp. I had realized and learned a lot there. It wasn’t really a gradual realization, it was an ah-ha moment. I realized that Christianity wasn’t just some Sunday school answers. I felt a heart change. I let Jesus into my heart. I had been thinking about baptism, but now I finally get to profess what has happened in my heart.