Membership at Bellwether

1. Attend a Covenant Lunch –  We hold quarterly covenant lunches after church on Sunday.  We will treat you to lunch.  You will hear who we are as a church, what we value, and what we believe in our covenant.  It’s a time to ask questions of the lead pastor and meet the elders, deacons and ministry leaders of our church.
 2.  Meet with the Pastor –  We want each person who desires membership to have a time to meet with our lead pastor.  This is a pastoral time when we can discuss baptism, your conversion and answer any questions you might have.  We value one-on-one time with each member.
3.  Sign our Covenant –  When you are ready to join, we ask everyone to sign our covenant.  We ask people to sign the covenant because when you put your name to something, there is more weight.  We want members to take membership seriously.  When we sign the covenant, we are saying, “We believe together and are ready to grow together”.