Jesus and Culture, Week 4 – February 3, 2019


Jesus and Culture – February 3, 2019


Well, we just wrapped up our final lesson in our four-lesson look at Jesus and culture. It’s been a great time of learning along with our students how we are to identify with Christ as we live in a world that is more often than not opposed to God and His ways. It’s been an encouraging time of Bible study and discussion. I hope your teenager has benefited from it as much as I have.


This final lesson was titled “The Call to Holiness.” In this lesson, we helped students learn that Jesus wants His followers to interact with culture through lives that are Christ-like: holy and set apart for God’s purpose. And we challenged them to understand the purpose Jesus calls them to, and to seek to embrace this purpose as they engage and interact with their culture.


We looked at the following Scripture passages:

  • John 17:13-19
  • Psalm 119:105


Please take a few minutes this week to read these passages.


Next Steps . . . 

During the next week as you have time to talk with your teenager, remember that one way that will help him or her to understand and apply what he or she has learned is to explain it to someone else. Use the following questions to guide your conversation:

  • Ask your teenager if he or she can summarize what he or she learned in Bible study this week. Focus as much on the application of what was learned as you would on the knowledge itself.
  • See if your teenager can summarize what he or she believes to be God’s call on his or her life.
  • Discuss with your teenager his or her thoughts on being used by God to impact the world in His name. What emotions or questions does this concept bring to his or her mind?
  • Talk about the challenges we face when it comes to living out God’s purpose for our lives in the midst of our world. Consider sharing some of the things you struggle with. Encourage your teenager to do the same.
  • Consider praying with one another about following God more closely and embracing your collective role in living out His mission.


-Hunter Poole, Student Leader