Jesus and Culture, Week 2 – January 13, 2019


Jesus and Culture – January 13, 2019


This week’s lesson was titled “Different Than The Rest.” In this lesson, we helped students learn that Jesus wants His followers to be countercultural in their humility, living in the world as servants of others. Your teenager was challenged to identify any actions or attitudes in his or her life that represent culture’s definition of success through selfishness and to commit to embracing Jesus’ idea of success through serving others. It was a really meaningful time of Bible study and discussion.


We looked at the following Scripture passages:

  • Mark 10:35-45


Please take a few minutes this week to read these passages.


Next Steps . . . 

During the next week as you have time to talk with your teenager, remember that one way that will help him or her to understand and apply what he or she has learned is to explain it to someone else. Use the following questions to guide your conversation:

  • Ask your teenager if he or she can summarize what he or she learned in Bible study this week. Focus as much on the application of what was learned as you would on the knowledge itself.
  • Ask your teenager if he or she had a chance to think about his or her attitude when it came to achieving or succeeding at the things he or she is passionate about. Encourage honesty: could he or she think of times when he or she sought success over the well being of others?
  • Encourage your teenager that humility and serving others are really tough characteristics to master, especially since they go against much of what our world says about how to get ahead.
  • Brainstorm with your teenager ways he or she can serve some specific people in his or her life, showing humility to this individual and putting this person’s needs above his or her own.

-Hunter Poole, Student Leader