Giving at Bellwether

Our desire at Bellwether is for the people of God to give out of the cheerful, generous overflow of their hearts in worship of God rather than money. We ask that those who call Bellwether Church “home” be faithful and sacrificial in their giving so that we can multiply our ministry and fulfill the mission to which God has called us. This is good for us, as it fosters generosity, and good for the mission of Bellwether, as it gives resources to accomplish the mission.


You May Give in Several Ways



Online Banking 

If you would like to give through your online banking application, set your payments up per your bank’s instructions to send to Bellwether Church, PO Box 16782, Jackson, MS 39236.



Online Giving

If you would like to sign up for Online Giving, simply click here and set up an account. This will only take a few minutes. Planning Center Online can schedule a recurring gift or process a one time gift in a simple and secure way. If you have additional questions about PCO, email



Text Giving

1) Text the amount you’d like to donate (example “50″) to 84321.
2) Register a credit or debit card (you only need to do this the first time you give)

CLICK HERE for additional text-giving information.



Offering Plates

At each of our worship gatherings, we have Offering Plates at the entrance where you can give to the work and mission of Bellwether Church.



The Best Ways to Give

In an effort to help maximize your gift, we want you to know the costs associated with your chosen giving method. As you can see below, Giving In Person, using your banks Online Bill Pay, or using our Planning Center Online ACH giving option are the most effective ways to maximize your giving.



Example: For every $1,000 you give:

Giving In Person/Online Bill Pay does not have any transaction fee
(Total Giving: $1,000.00)
PCO ACH charges 25 cents per transaction
(Total Giving: $999.75)
PCO Debit/Credit Card charges 2.15% of your total transaction, plus 30 cents
(Total Giving: $978.20)
PCO Text Giving charges the same 2.15% of your total transaction, plus 30 cents
(Total Giving: $978.20)


As you can imagine, these fees add up when multiplied by greater amounts and over hundreds of gifts a month.