Church Planting, Community Development, Adult Training, & Justice Initiatives in India

Justice begins with seeing people who are unseen. India came to Jackson, MS this past Sunday, Sept 8, 2019 with two women unafraid to do the Lord’s work in dark places. Thank you Smita Singh and Sangeeta Mondal for your faithful ministry. Bellwether Community Church has partnered with JKPS since 2013 in church planting and rescuing children from sex trafficking.

A new location in the Red Light District of Kolkata allow children of women in brothels to receive the emotional and spiritual sustenance they need. Young girls rescued and nurtured in Mahima Rescue Home testifying in court to bring justice to brothel owners. Young women trapped in sex trafficking attending church service. Church planters in the West Bengal region spreading the gospel. These are a few updates of our investment in JKPS.

Be 1 of the 2000 people pledging $50 by March 2020. DONATE $50 HERE (general funding) or learn about their varied ministries.