You only need 3 truths!

My family is headed into a new season of life with our children. Parkman graduating, Buckley returning from therapeutic boarding school (after 1.5 years), adjusting family dynamics with Win and Emi Story, and starting a business. I’ve been stressed, anxious, excited, and even fearful of all the upcoming changes. I was scrolling through photos and found this one of Win and I from a retreat we attended last October. It brought back a very powerful memory that I would like to share as we all transition to new “normal”. 

We attended a JH Outback weekend retreat together. The purpose was to strengthen personal relationships with Christ and with each other. One of the activities was called the Faith Walk. We were led into the woods along a path. The child was blindfolded and the parent acted as the guide. We were instructed to tell our children 3 important truths to remember as we did this exercise:

  1. I will never leave you. (Hebrews 13:5)
  2. Only listen to my voice! (John 10:27)
  3. If you are in trouble, call out to me and I will help you. (Psalm 34:4)

We started our walk down the path with my hands on Win’s shoulders guiding him physically and verbally over obstacles. During the second part of our walk, the parents were to remove our hands from our children’s shoulders but still verbally guide them away from branches and bushes. Win did great and followed my instructions perfectly even as the counselors were trying to trick him into listening to them and go different directions. He couldn’t feel my hand but we were in constant communication! The final portion, the parents were told not to speak unless their child called out for help. The counselors told Win I had left and went a different way and he should listen to them. I was not allowed to speak unless he called out to me!🙈 Watching Win walk into branches and bushes, tripping over stumps, and being told to crawl around was heartbreaking. He never once called out to me. Instead, he did what the counselors said. This lasted for awhile. The counselors finally stopped the activity and sat our group down to discuss. 

This activity was the perfect illustration of how we navigate life in faith or without faith. The Bible is clear on the promises and truths of God! HE will never leave us, if we listen to HIS voice we will not stray, and when we call out to HIM in our darkest moments HE is there! Win was asked why he never asked me for help when I stopped talking and he replied, “I was scared and just tried to follow the adult voice I heard, y’all told me she left”! Needless to say, there were many tears. We all learned important lessons. 

  1. No matter what is going on in life, God is with you and HE doesn’t leave us even when we feel alone. 
  2. Not all voices are helpful or have your best interest in mind! Only God has a perfect plan for you and HIS voice should drown out all other’s. 
  3. When we call on HIS Holy name, HE responds! HE desires relationship with us. 

These 3 powerful truths are all we need on our faith walk! The spring is the time for new beginnings and new seasons. Set your eyes on God and seek HIS guidance. 

Only HE will get your through. ❤️


Kristie Speights