The body of Christ is a family. And with all the positive things that come with having a family (love, support, fellowship, etc) there can also be some negative things.
I read a poem this morning and a thought jumped out at me…Do I judge God’s goodness??? I am thankful for my life, my family, my home, etc but I definitely go about my day without an attitude of gratitude. In doing so, I leave a cracked door for envy to seep in and before long a cracked door becomes a floodgate. I can start looking around at my friends and wondering “how are their kids so healthy? She feeds them junk all day and they are never sick and I stress and worry over every bite that my kids eat and they are sick all the time!” Or “I wonder if her husband does the yard work the first time she asks?” Or, “ugh, that kid has such a bad attitude, why are they recognizing him during awards day when my kid is so much nicer?”
None of these are evil thoughts…they aren’t wishing bad things on anybody, they aren’t saying anything untrue BUT it cracks the door for ungratefulness in my own life. And while I haven’t thought about it this way exactly, the bottom line is I’m questioning if God is lavishing more gifts on him or her than me or my family? (And really, I should be the judge of that, right?!)
Since I know God loves all his children, and that his grace, mercy, spiritual gifts are perfect for each child of his, then I’m going to make a plan to combat the thoughts that creep in and try to steal my gratitude.
1.  Give a compliment every day! Would be great if it could be a stranger but would be even better if it could be to that one person who I really feel has an easier life than me. (May need to take some time to pray about this…it should be a genuine compliment!!)
2.  I want to start my day off with a more positive attitude so, each time I take a sip of coffee, think of one thing I’m grateful for. (First one might be a good cup of coffee! Or the husband who stopped by the store at 5:30 after working all day to get the creamer for that coffee!)
3. When going through something tough, find at least ONE thing good about the situation. (Yes, my child has another injury BUT praise the Lord we have access good medical care!)
4.  If I start to complain about another child’s attitude and the gifts they receive, I’m going to praise the Lord for their life and then I’m going to praise the lord for my children’s lives!
Yes and Amen! 🙌🏼
– Deidre Barbour