My entire life has instilled in me the lessons of cause/effect. I’ve always evaluated risks or decisions by the effect that would result. My actions (cause) have been carefully calculated. This may seem like I’m a “forward” thinker or planner but it also says I place my relationship with Christ on measured actions.

I struggle with needing to feel like I have control. Control over myself, other people, my surroundings, and my responses. The need has led to addictive behaviors in my past.  When I’m in extreme stressful situations or feel that my “bucket” (soul) is empty, I crave that iron fist control over my life and others around me. As far as Christ, well, I want him to submit too 🙈. Gross to even type that but I know myself and this group is all about honesty and growth, Right?!😬

I’ve become very intentional about recognizing the need for “control” by allowing Christ to show me HIS control. When I am undone, I ask for HIS control over my decisions and actions… AND THEN I’m filled with peace.

And then, has become my prayer! Sweet Jesus, I’ve done all I know to do. Things still feel overwhelming, I’m incapable of doing anything else …. AND THEN Christ covers me with HIS grace and protection. HE forgives my sins daily, HE soothes my pain, restores my soul, AND THEN HE provides peace. My silly cause/effect mentality doesn’t wash with Christ. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING I can do to deserve what HE offers. HE only asks that I accept.

Ladies, just stop. Stop the over thinking, stop trying hard for approval from those who are so fickle, stop fighting your battle ill equipped, stop relying on your own strength AND THEN rest in all that Christ offers because HE loves you so much.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and then I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28

-Kristie Speights