2017 India Mission Trip Insights



2017 India Mission Trip Insights

People ask, how was your trip to India and United Arab Emirates?  I would say –

I was very impressed with the Mustard Seed school in Hyderabad and brother Tabor Weissinger’s work there already.  The school reaches close to 100 slum children and gives them basic education and teaches them about Christianity and the Bible.  They recited Psalm 23, the Lord’s prayer, and sang hymns to us.  They also minister to special needs children, who would be discarded if not for the school.  I look forward to helping it, and Tabor, grow their capacity and reach.  You can learn more at http://msffindia.org and see short videos on our YouTube channel.

The ministry of JKPS in Kolkata inspires.  How so?  You meet pastors who minister in leper colonies and islands where the Gospel has never been heard.  When you see these places, you will never complain about anything in your life. Anything.  It’s inspiring to meet young men cast out by their families because they follow Christ and desire to plant churches.  It’s inspiring to see the hard, often brutal work, of caregivers in the after-care shelters for girls rescued from sex-trafficking.  And most of all, it’s inspiring to think of future trips, with new different people.  I love to help people go.  People need to go here.  It can happen.  And it will change your perspective.

The ministry of RAK Evangelical church in United Arab Emirates is innovative in its approach to ministry.  It has to be.  It’s in the Arabian Gulf Peninsula.  There, Josh and Jenny Manley, are not only growing a church, yet building a “ministry center” for the Gulf region.  This will be a home for the church and a place for other churches, groups, and pastors to worship, study, and train.  The vision and scope of this project is exciting.  We look forward to returning.  You can see the progress at www.rakchurch.com.

To close, I believe these ministry partners offer a look at the future of the Kingdom, at least until Christ returns.  To fulfill the Great Commission, churches need to partner globally and be highly creative in ways to connect to the cultures, wherever.  Strategic partnerships across continents will help grow churches here and there.  It’s an adventure to give one’s life to and I will only encourage and help people go again or begin to go now (Acts 1:8).

by John Hugh Tate